Is there anything you cannot handle?
No, we are able to provide a service method for any salvageable item regardless of type, size, volume or value. We can also provide disposal methods for non-salvageable items.

Are you able to cover nationwide?
Yes, we cover all of the United States and Outlying Areas

What types of liquidation / disposal?
We can provide a number of options regarding liquidation / disposal. Depending upon what your need is we can offer many options.

Are you able to offer contracts?
Fleetwood Salvage Center is able to offer contracts for insurance companies, retailers and liquidators.

Can Fleetwood Salvage Center offer a secure disposal method?
We offer a full, confidential and secure method to dispose of any salvage. Record keeping is available for all projects.

Do you buy salvage / non-salvage items?
Yes, Fleetwood Salvage Center can purchase salvage and non-salvage items of any kind.

Do you purchase end of life machinery, scrap cars, boats, or other heavy equipment?
Yes, Fleetwood Salvage Center can purchase or facilitate the purchase of any and all of your end of life equipment

Please contact us if you have any questions.